The concept of my portfolio is based on the chameleon. The chameleon is the animal that most suitably symbolizes a successful graphic designer. Similar to the way a chameleon transforms its colors to blend in with its immediate surroundings, it is the duty of graphic designers to blend our personal artistic styles with each project we are immersed in to create brilliant design. Aside from the rare instance in which a designer is strictly confined to one specific type of design style and work, he or she can expect to receive projects demanding the use of styles that vary widely from each other. Change and adaption are constant requirements for surviving and thriving in the graphic design field. Each design project we receive challenges us with the task of creating an entirely new style and personality by extracting from our personal styles. 

I view myself as a design chameleon. When I start my design process, I begin by learning as much as I can about the clientele so that I am able to create a design that will not only fulfill their needs but also be a distinct representation of my client. I may be the one determining the type, graphics, and layouts, but the focus of the projects I receive does not always revolve around my point of view. As a design chameleon, I am able to blend the style of my work with any given requirements to fit a project while still exercising my own artistic license.